Renew an Individual's License

This page does not apply to bail recovery agents. Click here for bail recovery agent registration requirements.


Insurance Continuing Education. Complete 40 hours of insurance continuing education if you are an Arizona resident insurance producer who held a non-resident insurance producer license in another state at any time during your expiring license term. If you are required to complete insurance continuing education, you must do so prior to submitting your renewal application. ARS § 20-2902(B). Click here for additional insurance education information.

Licensing Eligibility Requirement. Arizona resident licensees and all (including nonresident) adjusters and bail bond agents must satisfy the licensing eligibility requirement (see Form L-152) prescribed by ARS § 41-1080. Permanent US residents need to provide identification to the Department of Insurance only once (see *NOTE). Individuals in the US on a temporary basis will need to provide evidence of being lawfully in the US each time the identification that we received expires.

*NOTE:  We will retain identification until one year after a non-renewed license expires. An individual who does not renew a license will need to submit identification if the individual applies to become re-licensed in Arizona.


You may renew your license up to 90 days before your license expiration date.
IMPORTANT DON'T DELAY! If the Department of Insurance does not receive a complete and correct renewal application (including any additionally required materials) and the license fee on or before the expiration of your license, you will be required to pay an additional $100 as a late renewal fee. ARS § 20-289(E).
  1. Use Renewal Preview (click here) to see problems that may prevent you from renewing your license.
  2. Use to renew your license; OR
  3. Use the Insurance Professional License Update System (IPLUS) to update address and telephone information, and to either renew your license or print a license renewal application.
    1. If IPLUS renews your license and accepts your license renewal fee, IPLUS will provide you a screen that congratulates you for completing the renewal process. The renewal process is only complete after IPLUS provides you the congratulatory message and you verify that your license is renewed by viewing it online.
    2. If IPLUS is not able to renew your license online, IPLUS will tell you the reason and will give you the option to print a renewal application. Use IPLUS to print a renewal application and submit your application with any other required materials and nonrefundable fees...
      1. By mail (must arrive in our office on or before the expiration date of your license) or.
      2. In person during our Licensing Counter business hours.

        Click here for our address, business hours and other contact information.

    3. Do not assume that IPLUS has renewed your license. View your license online to make sure your license expiration has been extended and to make sure other license information is correct.
  4. If you cannot use IPLUS to renew your license or to print a renewal application, click here to download Form L-191, carefully follow the instructions that accompany the form and submit the application with the required fees and any other required materials.
  5. Make sure we receive your renewal application. Your online license record will list the renewal applications we have received. Please note that for applications we receive through the mail, we may need up to two weeks to log in your renewal application and up to four weeks to process the application.
  6. You may need to submit additional forms or additional information (see the OTHER RENEWAL-RELATED FORMS section of this page) before we can renew your license. Read application instructions carefully. Deficient applications must be rejected or returned, delaying the renewal process and jeopardizing the timeliness of your renewal application.
  7. We will review your application and mail to you one of the following:
    1. A notice telling you that your renewal application was approved. View your license on our web site to ensure that your license information appears correctly, and use the Insurance Professional License Update System (IPLUS) to correct or update information. NOTE: We do not produce paper license certificates - click here for details.
    2. A notice telling you that your renewal application was denied. The notice will tell you the reason for the denial and will provide you with instructions concerning your right to appeal the decision.
    3. A notice telling you that your renewal application was deficient. The notice will be accompanied by your license application. You must resubmit your license application and any additional materials identified in the deficiency notice or accompanying instructions. You must cure all identified deficiencies or we may deny your license and you will forfeit the fees you paid.
  1. View your license online after we accept your license renewal application (whether online or on paper) to make sure your license expiration has been extended and to make sure other license information is correct. NOTE: We do not produce paper license certificates - click here for details.


Bond Of Managing General Agent (Form L-106). A managing general agent applicant or licensee must maintain a bond or deposit in the favor of the state in an amount determined from Form L-107, below. A power of attorney must accompany the bond.   

Affidavit Of Managing General Agent (Form L-107). A managing general agent must have this form completed by an officer or director of the insurance company on whose behalf the managing general agent will be acting. Submit the original, notarized form with the MGA license or renewal application.

Licensing Eligibility Requirement (Form L-152). Each individual who is an Arizona resident and each individual applying for an adjuster or bail bond license (resident or nonresident) must complete this form and attach a copy of a required for of identification to be eligible for a license.

License Renewal Application for an Individual (Form L-191). ONLY COMPLETE AND SUBMIT FORM L-191 (with required fees and other required materials) if you cannot use IPLUS to renew your license or print your renewal application..

Certificate of Assumed Business Name (Form L-193). Complete and submit this form (whether you are an individual or business entity) to engage in business using a name other than your legal name.

FINRA BrokerCheck Report. If you hold a license as a variable life and variable annuity insurance producer, provide with your renewal application a printout of your registration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Click here for instructions.

A risk management consultant must include a letter from the political subdivision (city/town/county) authorizing the licensee to serve as their risk management consultant.