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Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) §§ 20-142(E) and 41-1750(G)(2) enable the Director of Insurance to require a person to submit a set of fingerprints to be processed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety ("DPS") and the FBI, who use the fingerprints to conduct criminal records checks.


Arizona's Insurance Licensing Section requires fingerprints from:

  • An individual seeking an insurance license who resides in Arizona except a person who is adding a line of authority to an existing Arizona insurance license.
  • An individual who intends to act as a bail recovery agent;
  • An individual relocating to Arizona from another state (who is therefore seeking to become an Arizona-resident licensee);
  • Each principal (member, officer, director, trustee, etc.) of an Arizona resident business-entity applicant, except for a rental car agent or self-service storage agent, and except for individuals who submitted fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Insurance within one year of the Insurance Licensing Section receiving the business entity license application. If a business entity has another business entity as a principal, the applicant must include fingerprint cards for the principals of that business entity.
  • A non-resident adjuster whose home state does not license adjusters.
  • A non-resident business-entity bail bond agent whose home state does not license bail bond agents to business entities.


  • Obtain a blank blue-outlined fingerprint card (Form FD-258) from the Insurance Licensing Section or from a PSI insurance license test center. Fingerprint Card (Form FD-258)
  • Have a clear set of fingerprints rolled on the card (or electronically scanned and applied to a card) by any professional fingerprinting technician. PSI, Arizona's insurance examination provider, along with some other vendors use an electronic system to optically image fingerprints which tend to produce more accurate results.
  • If your fingerprints are not clear, if the card is bent or folded, or if there are stray marks or highlighting on the card, the card will be rejected and you will be required to submit a replacement card. For a list of fingerprinting services, click here. Most (if not all) fingerprinting services charge a fee to roll your prints onto the card. This fee does not cover the cost to have your fingerprints processed by the DPS or FBI.

  • Clearly print the following information in black ink in the appropriate locations above your fingerprints on the card:
    • Your last name, first name and middle name (NAM);
    • Any aliases (alternate names) that you use (AKA);
    • Your date of birth (DOB);
    • Your citizenship (CTZ);
    • Your sex, race, height, weight, eye color and hair color;
    • Your place of birth (POB).
  • Sign the card in the appropriate location using black ink.
  • Submit the completed fingerprint card with your license application, making certain to add the FBI fingerprint card processing fee to your license fee payment. The FBI fingerprint card processing fee is in addition to the fee you are likely required to pay to have your fingerprints rolled on the card by a professional fingerprinting technician.


As previously described, you may be charged by a fingerprinting service to apply your fingerprints to a fingerprint card. That fee does not cover the cost to have your fingerprints processed by the DPS or FBI, which we call the "fingerprint processing fee."

The nonrefundable fingerprint processing fee is $22.00, and is subject to change without notice. Please make sure to check this web site before submitting your fingerprints and fees to the Arizona Department of Insurance.

The Department of Insurance will not refund an overpayment of a fingerprint processing fee.


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