Pass an Exam

Arizona law does not specify education you need to complete in order to be eligible for a license. If you are required to pass an exam, use whatever method you want to study for the exam.

IMPORTANT! Arizona law limits you to four attempts to pass an exam for a particular line of authority within a one-year period. After a fourth unsuccessful attempt, you will have to wait one year from the date of the last attempt to retake the exam. Arizona law treats failing an examination that covers more than one line of license authority the same as failing the examination for each individual line of license authority. ARS §20-284(H).


You must pass an exam if you are applying to become...
  • An Arizona-resident insurance producer unless
    • You are only applying for authority as a travel accident ticket or baggage insurance producer OR
    • You are relocating to Arizona from another state and apply for your Arizona resident insurance license within 90 days of canceling the license in your previous home state.
  • An Arizona-resident surplus lines broker except for Mexican Insurance Surplus Lines Broker
  • A bail bond agent (resident or non-resident)
  • An insurance adjuster (resident or non-residents who do not hold a resident license in their resident state)


Insurance license examinations are administered by Prometric.

Prometric's Internet web sites contain license candidate publications that describe Arizona insurance licensing requirements and that outline material covered on each of the examinations. The outlines show the percentage of the examination that will deal with particular topic areas.

Neither Prometric nor the Department of Insurance publish study materials. However, the Department has available a document that lists some resources that you may want to use to help you to prepare for your exam. The list is available from this page (click here for Adobe Acrobat version); or, by sending e-mail to, by calling (602-364-4457 or 877-660-0964 for within Arizona outside the Phoenix Area ) or by faxing the Insurance Licensing Section (602-364-4460).



Schedule your examination with Prometric

You can schedule to take your examination at any Prometric test center throughout the U.S. in which insurance examinations are offered.


After you complete your exam, you will first see your exam score on the computer screen. Before you leave the test center, the test center staff will give you a printed score report showing your overall score and whether you passed or failed.

If you apply for your license on paper (rather than online), submit your score report with your license application. Keep a copy for your records.

If you failed, you must retake the entire exam. You cannot just retake the sections of the exam on which you scored poorly. Focus your studies on the sections of the exam with the most questions and sections on which you performed poorly.

IMPORTANT! Once you pass an exam, you must apply for the corresponding license within one year. ARS §20-284(A).



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