Applying Online

This page does not apply to bail recovery agents. Click here for bail recovery agent registration requirements.

You can only apply for certain licenses online. Click here to determine whether you are able to apply online.

IMPORTANT Note: Even if you apply online, you may be required to submit additional forms or documents to the Arizona Department of Insurance. See "OTHER LICENSING-RELATED FORMS" on this page.


  1. Navigate to the NIPR web site (
  2. On the left side of the page, you will see a list of products and services that the NIPR offers. If you are a resident of Arizona, scroll down to the "Resident" section and click on Initial License. If you are a resident of another state, scroll down to the "Non-Resident" section and click on Initial License.
  3. NIPR charges a fee (over an above state-required fees) to process your license application and fee payment electronically. Click the Fees link on the left side of the page to view NIPR fees.
  4. Prior to beginning your online application, review requirements you need to satisfy by clicking on the State Specific Requirements link and then click the Arizona link. We will be unable to issue a license to you until you have satisfied all requirements.
  5. Click the Begin ERL Applicaton or Begin NRL Application link, read and accept the Use Agreement (by clicking the Accept button at the bottom of the Agreement), and carefully complete the online application.
  6. Before accepting fees from you, the NIPR system will check through your online application.
    1. If the system believes your application is complete, it will allow you to pay fees and complete the application process.
    2. If the system believes your application is deficient, it will reject your application and will tell you what you need to do to submit an acceptable application.
  7. After you have completed the application, the system will send you an e-mail. Read this e-mail carefully! The e-mail will tell you either:
    1. Your application has been accepted. When NIPR accepts a license application on our behalf, they transmit license information to our system. If the information is acceptable, our system issues you an electronic license. Use our web site to view your license and use the NIPR web site to correct or update information. NOTE: We do not produce paper license certificates - click here for details.
    2. Your application has been deferred.
      1. Some applications are deferred because you need to provide additional information that NIPR cannot collect through the online system (see the "OTHER LICENSING-RELATED FORMS" section of this page). The e-mail you receive will describe the deficiencies that need to be cured.
      2. In other cases, we simply need to complete some research before rendering a licensing decision.

Other Licensing-related Forms

Bond Of Managing General Agent (Form L-106). A managing general agent applicant or licensee must submit and maintain a bond or deposit in the favor of the state in an amount determined from Form L-107, below. A power of attorney must accompany the bond.   

Affidavit Of Managing General Agent (Form L-107). A managing general agent must have this form completed by an officer or director of the insurance company on whose behalf the managing general agent will be acting. Submit the original, notarized form with the MGA license or renewal application.

Licensing Eligibility Requirement (Form L-152). Each individual who is an Arizona resident and each individual applying for an adjuster or bail bond license (resident or nonresident) must complete this form and attach a copy of a required for of identification to be eligible for a license.

Certificate of Assumed Business Name (Form L-193). Complete and submit this form (whether you are an individual or business entity) to engage in business using a name other than your legal name.

Bond Of Bail Bond Agent (Form L-195). A bail bond agent must maintain a $10,000 bond in favor of the state. A power of attorney must accompany the bond.

Addendum To Adjuster Application (Form L-181). A nonresident adjuster must use this form to report the location of the Arizona office accessible to the public at which the adjuster will maintain usual and customary records of transactions under the adjuster license.  

Business Entity Branch Locations (Form L-LOC). Complete and submit this form to disclose branch locations and the desiganted responsible licensed producer at each location.  


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