Risk management consultant


A qualified political subdivision ("QPS") is an Arizona municipality (county, city, town) or other political subdivision that has a population of over 1 million people and whose governing body includes members of a county board of supervisors.

A risk management consultant is an employee of a QPS who is responsible for the management and administration of the QPS's self-insurance program providing health, accident, life or disability benefits to the QPS's employees and dependents or liability loss coverage to the QPS. ARS § 11-981(B)(1), 20-331.01.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS (not an exhaustive list)

Not everyone qualifies for an insurance license. The Department can deny a license for any cause listed in Arizona Revised Statutes ("ARS") § 20-295. You should review this statute before deciding to spend the time, effort and money to apply for a license. If you apply for a license, you must truthfully and completely answer questions asked on the application, and you may need to provide additional documentation.

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Common to All Applicants
Be the minimum age Individuals must be at least 18 years old. ARS §§ 20-285(B)(1), 20-331.01
Maintain a principal place of business You must have and maintain a location where you keep usual and customary records pertaining to transactions under your license. ARS § 20-290(A), 20-331.01
(nonrefundable per ARS § 20-167(A))
Submit fingerprints Submit fingerprints for individuals and business-entity members, officers, directors and owners (regardless of where the members, officers and directors reside). ARS §§ 20-142(E), 20-285(E)(2), 20-331.01
Fulfill license eligibility requirement (individual applicant) Form L-152
ARS § 41-1080
Appointment letter Include with your license application the original of a letter on the QPS's letterhead from the county manager, city manager, town manager or equivalent official confirming your designation as a risk management consultant for the QPS. ARS § 11-981(B)(1),
Apply for the license

Apply [ARS §§ 20-285(A), 20-331.01] using Form L-169.

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