License Certificate

The Arizona Department of Insurance only issues licenses electronically. We do not produce license certificates on paper for the following reasons:

Online licenses are always up to date. A paper license certificate does not change when a licensee's address or status changes. If a license is suspended or revoked, the online license will immediatley reflect the change in license status. A paper license would not.

Paper licenses can be counterfeited. Technological advances have made scanners and sophisticated graphics software readily available, allowing anyone to create something that looks like a license certificate. We encourage the public and insurance companies only to rely on the online license to determine whether a person is licensed in good standing in Arizona.

Paper license certificates are expensive. Purchasing, tracking and safeguarding serialized counterfeit-resistent license certificate stock and hand-stuffing customized envelopes with license certificates was expensive and time consuming. We have obligations to Arizona citizens and to the fee-paying insurance industry to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Paper license certificates look great but are neither efficient nor effective.

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