From the Arizona Department of Insurance...
12/8/2014 Updated list of Long Term Care insurers, including those with Partnership policies, now available.
12/8/2014 2015 Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison now available.
11/12/2014 Consumer Alert: Understanding Air Ambulance Insurance
11/4/2014 Travel Insurance Producer Licensure
10/30/2014 ADOI 2013-2014 Annual Report Published
10/21/2014 Insurance Compliance Self-Evaluative Privilege
10/8/2014 Premium Credit for Subscription to Fire Protection Service
9/23/2014 Facebook helps nab Phoenix Women for Insurance Fraud
9/9/2014 After The Storm: Tips for home and auto policy holders
9/9/2014 Individual Annuity or Pure Endowment Contracts: use of 1983 Table “a”; Annuity 2000 Mortality Table and 2012 Individual Annuity Reserving (2012 IAR) Table

July 24, 2014 Arizona Becomes a Member of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

Governor Jan Brewer has signed HB 2483, adding Arizona as the 44th jurisdiction to become a member of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact (Compact). Under the Compact, the interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC), develops and implements uniform national standards for the review of certain insurance products, including life insurance, annuity, disability income and long-term care insurance products. The Compact will now serve as a central point of review of electronic filings in Arizona for these products, with the exception of Long Term Care filings. The Compact will not review long-term care insurance filings for Arizona, as Arizona has opted out of review by the Compact of these filings.

HB 2483 will become effective on July 24, 2014. Inclusion of Arizona in filing review by the Compact, will begin on August 7, 2014. For more information about the Compact and the IIPRC, go to Questions about life, annuity or health form filings in Arizona can be sent to

7/1/2014 Insurer Annual Assessments Available for Download (remember to only print the pages you need)
6/19/2014 Auto Body Business Owner Convicted of Insurance Fraud
6/17/2014 Licensing Requirements for Health Insurance Navigators and Health Insurance Certified Application Counselors
4/4/2014 Filing Fee for Non-Profit Military Mutual Aid Associations
02/06/2014 Revision of Private Passenger Automobile Property Damage Threshold for Purposes of A.R.S. § 20-1631(E)
01/30/2014 ADOI Annual Report Avaliable for Download
01/09/2014 ADOI Appoints Deputy Receiver

Amended Order issued for Docket No. 13A-071-INS with Exhibits A, B and C (amended).


Identity Theft Suspect Commits Insurance Fraud Which Leads to His Arrest.


Auto Body Shop Owner Charged in Staged Accidents and Identity Theft Cases


Business Owner Arrested After Being Video Taped Committing Insurance Fraud.

9/13/13 Order issued on P&C Rate and Form filing exemptions; Commercial non-cancellation restriction exemptions and Recognized Surplus Lines
9/13/13 Application forms and resources for life settlement brokers and life settlement providers
8/21/13 Arizona Insurance Laws
7/16/2013 Notice of Public Hearing on August 28, 2013 to take comments on P&C Rate and Form filing exemptions, Commercial non-cancellation restriction exemptions and Recognized Surplus Lines.
01/25/2013 2013 Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison now available.
2/17/2012 PMI Mortgage IC, under possession & control of ADOI, is requesting proposals for investment advisory services. Visit for details.
1/11/2012 New Assistant Director of Financial Affairs
1/4/2012 Fraud unit investigation leads to 5 year prison term for ID thief
12/05/2011 ADOI publishes Annual Report
10/20/2011 Order to take Full and Exclusive Possession and Control of PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., including direct subsidiaries PIC and PMAC
10/20/2011 ADOI Order of Supervision for PMI Reinsurance Co., PMI Mortgage Guaranty Co, and Residential Insurance Co.
8/19/2011 ADOI issues Order for Supervision of PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. and PMI
Insurance Co. (PMI)
8/8/2011 ADOI submits 3rd Quarter Report to HHS on Rate Review Grant
7/22/2011 Bulletin regarding number of days to file external appeal
6/28/2011 ADOI issues Bulletin regarding implementation of NRRA
6/17/2011 Insurance tips for fire evacuees and those returning home
6/13/2011 Arizona Division of Emergency Management urges homeowners in wildfire areas to consider flood insurance
6/7/2011 ADOI issues Bulletin regarding new Bail Bond Agent laws
5/27/2011 2011 Arizona Insurance Laws
5/20/2011 License Renewal; Avoiding the Late Renewal Fee
5/11/2011 American Family Mutual Pays Additional $1,190,657 To Claimants
5/10/2011 ADOI Orders Building Contractor to Cease & Desist
5/2/2011 ADOI submits 2nd Quarterly Report on Rate Review Grant activity
4/8/2011 Updated insurance Premium Comparisons now available for Homeowners, Renters, and Manufactured Homes
2/24/2011 ADOI submits 1st Quarterly Report on Rate Review Grant activity
1/18/2011 Minutes from the 1/18/11 Rate Review meeting
1/12/2011 Minutes from the 1/12/11 Rate Review meeting
1/5/2011 2011 Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison now available!
1/4/2011 Minutes from the 1/4/11 Rate Review meeting
11/1/2010 L&D Guaranty Fund, Annual Board Meeting Notice & Agenda
10/27/2010 Medical Identity Theft Ring Busted
10/7/2010 10/7/10 Insurance Tips for Disaster Victims
8/3/2010 ADOI urges consumers to seek refunds for American Trade Association purchases
2/10/2010 ADOI Orders Health Net to Correct Violations and Pay $236,500 in Fines
2/1/2010 Insurance tips stemming from recent storm damage...
1/27/2010 ADOI issues Cease & Desist against Agape Auto Service, LLC (a.k.a. Agape Auto Warranties)
12/7/2009 Fraud Unit Arrests Hot Dog Bandit
11/2/2009 Arizona Department of Insurance Orders Aetna to Correct Violations and Pay $256,500 Penalties
6/3/2009 Possible scam targeting licensed insurance agents and brokers
2/11/2009 ADOI Tucson Office closed effective 2/20/2009
8/7/2008 Pursuant to HB 2745, the State of Arizona requires proof of lawful presence for insurance license applicant